why Pay

With all the affordable ways of publishing these days, many might be wondering why should they shell out hundreds or even thousands to have their book publish when they can simply publish it on a web blog, produce it as a downloadable PDF or simply print it themselves.  Sebastian Books understands this point of view but begs to differ by putting quality above quantity at all times.


Quality in every sense of the word; we are aware that anyone with a personal computer, sufficient amount of ink and a ream of paper could easily put hundreds of words on those sheets and with a home office guillotine, cut it to their preferred size, and as far as binding is concern, one could always use Google and YouTube for self-help methods.  And even though this route may be lengthy, if you follow through, at the end you will certainly have something that looks exactly like a book, and not even us at Sebastian Books could argue with that result.
However, Sebastian Books having dedicated itself to literature and its presentation, considers a book’s worth to be more than just bounded pages in covers.  We are very technical with the production of  a book, and for this reason, when manufacturing a title, every single aspect of its creation is weighed to the precise measure of our standard, which includes chosen fonts for text, the weight and colour of the ink and of the paper being used, professional proofreading which combs for appropriate grammatical use to satisfy the language, professional editing, professional sizing, professional cover arts, by a professional artist or photographer, and high quality cover material, professional graphic designs, professional binding with use of non-toxic adhesive and durability for the book.


We believe in manufacturing only high standard finished products, where all copies of a title should be an exact duplicate of itself in size, appearance and all of its other features. And even though it has been said to never judge a book by its cover, in cases of our professional finishes, your judgment of it being a Sebastian Books product would be accurate. 


Our pride is applied to the administrative duties behind all of our titles which are then introduced to our network of distributors and book buyers, who over time have trusted our name as high quality manufacturers, and for this reason as well, we continue to respect one of the oldest industries of our time, the literary industry, by providing only the best quality services and products, at an expected cost, to book lovers and authors all over the world.


“Quality Cost!” E.S.S