Moulded from birth, by the governance of ghettos and learning how to smuggle drugs, made one boy's fate, predictable. So after being abandoned, at age twelve, and coming face to face with hunger, peer pressure, guns, gangs, venereal disease, deaths and abuse; becoming a Drug Dealer, who  reaped the flourishing benefits of the trade before  paying its bitter penalties, were all in order.


But a derailment of this thought-to-be ‘inevitable fate’, wasn’t in order, which made him into an extraordinary individual who has earned the credits to represent the cliché “Diamond in the Dirt”.   


Sub Title: Raw and Unedited
Genre: Autobiography
Price: £32.00 + S/H

Pages: 614

Bound Type: Hardback (w/dustcover)

Dimension: 225mm x 160mm

Weight: 1.000kg (approx.)

Published: 30/03/2011 
Language: English (other languages)
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