Survival Tips

Scripted opinion respectfully taken from SURVIVED 'Raw and Unedited' (pages 603 -604)
“Life is a jungle and babies are feeble and vulnerable to all the dangers
of that jungle. Our ‘baby’ era sometimes spawn up to twenty plus years before we are truly qualified adults, thus two decades of ignorance and a learning phase. Parents are our protectors, our guide, our mould and our teachers; without them, without that protection, our world, that jungle, is a minefield and our life and each step we take are crucial and could mean a permanent and fatal scar or our life’s termination, at any given second.” 

“Relatives are safe havens, our caves of protection, where we can

always find refuge of love and affection in time of need.”

“Friends are others we meet in the world, this jungle, who are sometimes loyal and true, and offers similar love and affection as the ones of our relatives; friends add a different and unique joy to our world of people, they are our subsidiary family who we confide in and trust with our life and every decision we make. Friends are our back-up sanctuaries, ones who make the security of our life feels complete.”

“People are the rest of our jungle’s inhabitants, often strangers, who we pass unnoticed in our odyssey, and associate with them sometimes for one reason or another, which can be momentarily, intermittently and sometimes permanently. Some people are mean and come with hatred for various reasons and we need to be protected from them, others are kind at times but deceit can be displayed at any time, they too are dangers to us.”

“Parents, love your children and provide as much security for them as you possibly can, that when they become adults, they may be whole and fully equipped with your gift to protect their own children from our jungle’s predatory existences, with your legacy, passing it down to generations after generations, offering a fair survival trait to millions.”

“A provided home is every child’s kingdom.”

 Ian T. Sebàs