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Sebastian Books came under fire on November 17, 2014, by threats from Hotel Thessoni Classic, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Hotel Thessoni Classic issued a forewarning as threat, that if Sebastian Books do not immediately discontinue the promotion of the upcoming dual-titled book named The Classic Slave of Thessoni”/"Der klassische Sklave aus Thessoni, they (Hotel Thessoni Classic) will file a lawsuit against Sebastian Books for slander and damage of their reputation, for an amount of CHF 50’000.- (approximately £33,000.00).

“Hotel Thessoni is in the business of accommodating Guests and we are in the business of Publishing” said Sebastian Books before adding “If they believe that they have grounds to sue, then they should sue, that’s what the Courts are for; however, they do not stand a chance of winning, and in the impossible event of legal technicality that they should be successful with their lawsuit of CHF 50’000.-, such an award would only draw more attention to the book, so what’s CHF 50’000.- compared to royalties received from a best seller?”

Apparently, the book which is scheduled for release in 2015 is authored by one of Sebastian Books’ resident author, Ian T. Sebàs, entails employment conditions and information regarding an ex-employee of Hotel Thessoni Classic, who quitted the hotel job after working two days, for a number of reasons, which could not be resolved between the Employer (Hotel Thessoni Classic) and the ex-employee.

But the incident became a matter of news when the hotel refuses to pay the ex-employee with claim that they do not pay anyone for two days work.

In closing, Sebastian Books said, “People’s rights are violated every day and nothing is done about it, if we can be a part of bringing some justice to any society, by means of publishing, so we shall!”


Watch the (uncut version) of this interview.