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The Author's Journey  

As an Author, you are probably aware of some of the problems of trying to get your work published by commercial Publishers; just having your manuscript read by them is difficult and usually becomes a drawn-out waiting process, which in most cases, your manuscript is put to the side and never read.  And after that disappointing waste of your time, still wanting to have your work in print remains a priority, so you ask yourself, "What about Self-Publishing? " 

Obviously, with that, your first thought now is the cost. And even if the money is accumulated for print, you will need to consider hiring a PR Firm and a Distributor to fight the battles of getting your books on actual shelves and having its fair chance to be sighted by book lovers.

Because, as quaint as books may appear and as good as your intentions were when you wrote your manuscript, without having the knowledge and the right connections, your books, a possibly masterpiece, will be printed and bound but utterly disregarded as if it never existed, in the first place.

The Battle Behind Books 

See, gone are the days when the rare talent of literary expressions were acknowledged and honored by being published as a book.  Today, craving of the distinctions received from reaching this intellectual plateau, has caused an invasion by others merely hungry for recognition and wealth, thus, any individual can now have bounded literature and call it their book with claim to possess a unique talent; this has made it difficult to identify passionate Writers and Publishers, who are often doubted and misconstrued for financial greed.  

The invasion not only created a cast of wanna-be authors and hustlers disguised as Publishers, but it also created a wave of middle men who have  made a book's journey from Publisher's desk to Bookshop's shelves, a highly tolled passage. 

With this in mind, you may want to know as much truth about your Publisher and their networking circle as possible.

SB Commitment

We at Sebastian Books are proud to be one of the world’s avenues, allowing a steadfast growth in the production of varied literature, with constant dedication to serve Authors and Readers.  Keeping up with the changing of time and its gradual transformation and desire for virtual books instead of conventional paperbacks, we have adapted the new age manufacturing style to facilitate the demands of these virtual, transferable books (e-books), as a merger, with the continuance of our classic paperback and hardback productions.

Every book published by us gets an individual editorial, manufacturing and marketing attention, thus your work is valued, not just as an element of financial turn-over, but as literature to be regarded, and we aim to market and establish that fact.

Why Publish with Sebastian Books?  Because we guarantee to bring your Literature to Life.

Worldwide Distribution                 

Sebastian Books promise that each of its manufactured publication will not only be circulated in the United Kingdom, but also benefit from being  available in a worldwide distribution system.

SB Bookworm's Pledge 

Sebastian Books believe that great relationships  are   survived    with ‘trust’,  thus,   in   developing   a relationship, we demonstrate solely in a trustworthy pattern to our clients and customers with no fine-printed disclaimers, only   bold    written contracts and correspondence.