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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Sebastian Books established?

A: 2008

Q: Is Sebastian Books a big company?

A: Sebastian Books considers itself to be of an adequate size.

Q: How many staff members?

A: Ten Permanent Staff members are a part of Sebastian Books.

Q: How can I get Sebastian Books to publish my book?

A: First, you must submit your manuscript to us and have it reviewed.

Q: Will my book be automatically accepted for publishing?

A: In most cases, yes, but in some cases, it depends on the book's content.

Q: Do I have to pay to publish my book?

A: No. Sebastian Books finances all publishing/distributing cost (*only for Standard and Premium Packs).

Q: Do I have to pay any money at all?

A: Yes, Sebastian Books require  a one-time Administration and Contracting


Q: How long does it take to have my book published?

A: The publication process is usually completed within 4-6 weeks after an agreed contract is signed by both parties and all fees are paid.

Q: How much of my book's royalties will I receive?

A: Sebastian Books offers to its Authors  30% to 70% of the book's sale.

Q: Does Sebastian Books sell the books personally?

A: Yes. Although Sebastian Books' main business is to  publish and distribute, we also offer your book for sale, within our establishments and via Sebastian Books website, but  the primary sale platforms for our titles are done by external Booksellers, Bookstores and Booksellers websites, where your Books are distributed to and made available.

Q: Do I have to pay for a copy of my own book?

A: No. Upon the completetion of your book's first print, you are entitled to a minimum of 25 copies free of charge (*only for Standard and Premium Packages).  Additional copies, to the Author, will be discounted by 50% of the actual cover price.

Q: Who prices my book?

A: You (the Author). 

Q: Who designs my book cover?

A: Sebastian Books (*only for Standard and Premium Packages). 

Q: What if I have my own design?

A: Sebastian Books will consider it.

Q: Why should I choose Sebastian Books and not another Publisher?

A: The staff of Sebastian Books are experts in the field of  literature/book publishing for more than 20 years, possessing a meritorious rank of Publishing and passion for the literature, which allows you to afford the best quality service and finished product at a competitive cost.