Ethan Sebastian

Ethan Sebastian has done it all in climbing the literature ladder; b
efore earning his diplomas, which include English Language and English Literature, this Word-smith was an established Poet and Lyricist.

A natural Writer, whose passion for literature spawned early, after discovering his gift for Creative Writing. 

He has led an existence, overshadowed by trails of diverse wordings, which eventually led him to the paramount of being our Publishing Director.

And with his continued passion and recognized talents, we are proud to have him as Head of our team, and to highlight that during his tenure, as Publishing Director, in addition to his impressive leadership and branding standards, Sebastian Books has grown with a respectful number of Authors and added more titles to its catalogue of published and unpublished books.

Along with his impeccable social skills, he has widened the network circle for Sebastian Books and has attracted new associations whilst maintaining the company's  friendly, professional and trustworthy reputation. 

His presence has brought diversity to our publishing spectrum, by him being the hands-on Director for all of our advertising campaigns.  And with years of experience in public relation, his relentless marketing strategies recorded an impressive success breakthrough for putting Sebastian Books and its titles on the world's map.