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Is your Child an Author?
Children's imagination tends to have great, never-ending, expandable theories. Their imaginations which often involved the creation of original characters and the inventions of new capabilities are often cited as child's play and are usually left at that conclusion.
But we at Sebastian Books sees genius within the minds of these children, and encourage their pure thoughts and freedom to add more imagination to their many 'what if' questions and suggestions, which gives us the opportunity to print and distribute it. Interestingly, their art expressions and original stories often lead to follow-ups and trilogies, which prove the wanderings of their minds and the grasping of their thoughts.
And even though children's talents are often seen as simply cute, to adults, Sebastian Books have realized that children are often intrigued and inspired by the imaginations of other children.  This within itself has created a unique market where children's entertainment are found in their own creation and likewise, in the creation of other children.  And although not academically modelled, this provided platform where children can share idea, is undeniably educating, to both children and adults.
Bragging Rights
Adding to this aspect of a child's creativity, comes the bragging rights which all children love, and let's not deny it, so does the parents, whether or not they want to be modest and claim it as simply being proud.  Your child being a published Author is indeed something to be proud of, but the bragging rights does come with it, so don't be shy.
More Authors More Books
Other than the aim to keep your children smiling constantly throughout this early
accomplished phase of their lives, this publishing package was mainly designed to encourage them to both believe in themselves and to have unlimited imaginations; in turn, the future will never be short of Authors nor books.
So if you believe that your child has an imagination that could inspire others, share their talent with us and we will share it with the world, by putting it in print.
Remember, 'Literature is Life'
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Contributed by E.S.S